Assignment was to create a book cover using Illustrator. I stylized a photograph of two cowboys that I had, created the story's premise and made up the author's name. Postcard to advertise 2008 fair schedule using one of my paintings. Dates, time and contact information are on the backside. The original 1946 B & W photo was found in my father's effects. Clothes were colorized and couple placed on church. Sky altered and birds added. Theater playbill for local
school production.
Single page informational flyer
for client, using testimonials.
Composite portrait of preteen girl. Amusing internal design project. Composite portrait of a young teenage girl. CD cover Northwest vacation
destination poster.
Logo draft for student design group. Updated logo design for client. Designed logo for client. Client wanted logo designed with a leaf, to
help with the pronunciation of her last name.
Logo design for pseudo company. Newspaper ad redone for class assignment. 12 page marketing brochure for real estate investment company. Newspaper ad redo. 4 page holiday newsletter. Newspaper ad redo using color. Seaside at sunset created for team animation project. Entry for secular holiday card contest at Bellevue Community College. Another holiday card submission altered slightly for family use. Illustrator drawing assignment. Flash drawing assignment. Fisherman designed for team animation project. Business card for distribution at art shows
using my artwork as background image.
Business card designed for pseudo company. Masthead for student web site. Masthead for client web site. Masthead for annual family newsletter.   Another postcard using image of artwork to advertise 2008 fair schedule. Dates, time and contact information on backside.